Regular League Play Rules

Our league follows the regular Volleyball Canada rules unless exceptions to specific rules are listed below. Please familiarize yourself with the rules. Rules can be found here: Volleyball Canada Rules.

  • First games start at 8:00pm sharp and the rest continue once the previous game is over trying to stick as closely to the schedule as possible.
  • Sets are capped at 35 points
  • Matches will be played in two sets with no third set option.
  • Teams can decide who serves first using whichever method they decide upon.
  • Three females must be on the court at all times. You can play during regular season with two females if absolutely necessary, but please attempt to have three. During tournament play, three females are required.
  • If playing with 5 players, both teams must come to a decision: play normally, OR take a loss of point every “would-be” sixth server.
  • Nets will be setup using the hole second from the top of the posts at the Legend Center or if we are playing in another facility, whatever is comparable.
  • Use a ball agreed upon by both teams playing.
  • Liberos and substitutions may occur but make sure to follow the outlined rules and let the officiating team and opposing team know so they are aware.
  • Our league doesn’t require numbered jerseys be worn or rosters to be submitted and subs can be used throughout the year whether they be your friends or members of other league teams.

Team Responsibilities

  • Net set-up and take down must be a shared responsibility between teams on the
    court with the officiating team making sure setup and takedown are completed.
  • Any garbage or spilled water must be cleaned up prior to leaving.
  • Scoresheets must be filled out appropriately.
  • Teams unable to play are responsible for contacting the teams they were
    scheduled to play.
  • Teams scheduled to MO must provide two linesman and at least one scorekeeper to their scheduled court.
  • Last games must be completed by 10:00pm, if not, score at 10:00pm will be the final score.
  • Teams must bring their own ball to warm-up (please do not take balls from the Warman Volleyball Club locker room).